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Selecting A Doctor For Your Newborn

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I recommend you select a doctor for your child before your child is born. You will want to identify a doctor who is well quailfied, one who offers the type of care you want for your childl, and one you feel comfortable talking with. As the doctor you choose may be part of your child's life for 18 or more years, this is an important decision you will want to be proactive about.

To help you identify the right doctor for your child,  I wrote an article especially for you. Use this guide to find a doctor you feel comfortable with before your baby is born.

Simply click the image to down and read the article.



If you want to select Dr. Tahir for your child, here are important details for you to know:

  • Dr. Tahir is on staff at St. Catherine Hospital in Kenosha, Wisconsin. 
  • If you will be delivering your baby at St. Catherine Hospital, Dr. Tahir will be able to see your baby in the hospital after birth.
  • If you will be delivering at another hospital (For example Aurora in Kenosha), one of the doctors who is on staff at that hospital will be assigned to your baby. He/she will take greate care of your baby while you are in the hopsital. After you are discharged home, you can continue your office appointments with Dr. Tahir.
  • If you have a planned out-of-hospital birth with a midwife, you will simply follow up with your baby with Dr. Tahir

I would recommend to bring your baby in for his/her first appointment at 3 to 7 days of age. If you have any concerns, however, please come immediately.

You can simply call our office for an appointment (262-564-0611) or make an appointment online yourself.

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