Viewer descrition advised: This video shows a complete tongue tie release procedure on a baby. Thank you to the parents for graciously giving me premission to post this video with the intent of helping educate parents as well as professionals on the procedure. 
Stomach problems can make babies horribly uncomfortable. If your baby swollows air bubbles while feeding, that may make stomach problems worse. Burping your baby is important, as it helps to get trapped air out of the stomach. However it's even more important to help your child avoid swollowing air while drinking.…
Constipation is a common issue with babies, and it can be very painful. For immediate relief, you can use a glycerin suppository which you insert into the rectum. The suppository helps make the stool softer making it easier for your baby to pass stool. If your baby is having constipation…
A belly button hernia can be seen in some babies as a bulging belly button. Normally. This happens when there is an opening in the abdominal muscles and ligaments which does not tightly close the belly button under the skin. This usually heals but 1-2 years of age.
Some babies can be born with a condition known as tongue-tie, where the tip of the tongue is attached to the bottom of the mouth. This condition can cause feeding difficulty, and so may need to be corrected.
Blockage of the tear duct is fairly common with newborn babies. You may see yellow or watery discharge from the eyes due to the blockage. I made a video to show you what this is and a massage technique to help unblock your baby's tear duct.
Most babies 6 month and up should be able to sleep through the night. Some babies, however, train their parents to feed them multiple times per night! Sleep is very important for your health as a parent, and also for your baby's health, so it's very important to figure out…
A lot of parents worry about common, but normal, lumps and bumps they will see on their newborn baby. Here's a video I made to show you what they look like so you what's normal.
I can't even begin to tell you how frequently parents worry about their baby's poop. Because there is such a wide variation in "normal", I want parents to know what is normal and what is not. Here are the top 5 baby poop facts all parents should know:
Thrush is a very common type of rash you may see on your baby. It looks like white material on the tongue, inside the cheeks and lips. This is caused by a yeast that naturally lives on our body. This yeast can also cause a diaper rash.
As a doctor who performs circumcisions on babies at the parent's request, I would like to ask you to carefully understand what a circumcision is and if your baby really needs to be circumcised.