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Medical Records

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Sometimes you, your doctor or another party may need to get your medical recods. Simply call our office at (262) 564-0611 and request your records.

Patients and doctors

Getting records is always free of charge. 

  • We will assemble the records in a standard PDF file format on a CD. The file can be opened and viewed on any computer with Adobe Acrobat (available free at
  • You may pick up the CD or we will mail it at no charge to you or your new doctor via First Class USPS

We do not print paper copies of the records

  • You or your doctor can print the PDF file at your convenience
  • If you or your doctor would rather have our office print your PDF file for your convenience, we charge $0.25 per page as a printing fee.  You may pick up the printed file at our office, or my ask us to mail it for you for a charge to cover postage.

For Third Parties Such As Legal Firms

We charge for obtaining records based on the current Wisconsin State Statues.

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