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Home Visits By Dr. Tahir

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Dr. Tahir at a home visit for Meg's newborn, baby Hawk, with sister, Ella, helping with her own doctor's kit! Dr. Tahir at a home visit for Meg's newborn, baby Hawk, with sister, Ella, helping with her own doctor's kit!

Do you know that in the past doctors visited patients at home? Dr. Tahir is reviving that tradition! Why? Because it only makes sense for the convenience of parents and kids. A home visit may be just the right thing for you if:

  • Want to spend more one-on-one time with Dr. Tahir
  • If you do not wish to, or not able to travel to our office
  • If you have multiple children and find a home visit more convenient
  • Have a newborn who you rather not travel with  (especially important for home and out-of-hospital deliveries)
  • Do not wish to travel with a young or sick child
  • Feel more comfortable with treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own house
  • Want to limit your child's exposure to sick patients in the waiting room
What Can Dr. Tahir Do For Your Child At Home

Your child will be getting medical care similar to what he/she would get in our office. 

For now, Dr. Tahir offers home visits for children who are sick, or for newborn baby visits from birth to 1 month old. He will have all the equipment and tools need to fully evaluate and treat your child. Basic testing such as a strep test, or flu test will also be available He will not be doing any vaccines nor any blood testing. Dr. Tahir will provide educations, treatment plan, as well as electronically sent any prescriptions your child may need. For children having any breathing or wheezing problems, he will be able to provide a breathing treatment, as well as set up a nebulizer machine for home use.

He may come with an medical assistant and will typically use a laptop and his own wifi connection to access medical records as needed.

A typical visit may last 15-30 minutes, and all interaction will be one-on-one with Dr. Tahir.

Costs And Insurance Coverage

Home visits are available only for patients who have only commercial insurance, or are self pay. It is not available currently for any patient who has any type of Badger Care plan as the primary or secondary insurance.

A home visit convenience fee is $135 charged at the time of making an appointment in the Kenosha and surrounding areas (will be higher for greater travel distances). This fee is not covered by insurance, and you will be responsible to pay this fee. The visit will be billed to your insurance, if your insurance covers home visits. Otherwise, the visit will be a flat fee of $115 per child due at the time of visit. 

One convenience fee covers seeing multiple siblings, although there will be a charge for the actual visit for each child.

Request A Home Appointment

Dr. Tahir will be servicing the Kenosha and nearby areas (For example: Racine, Summers). Longer distance of travel may be available for an extra fee.

Home appointment times are available during early morning and late evening hours. Weekend hours may also be available for an extra fee. 

Until we have our appointment system streamlined, simply call our office at (262) 564-0611 and request a home appointment, or fill out the request form below.


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